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The ceiling mounted electric drying space.

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Design Linx combines technology, construction, creativity and design – built for future innovation. Our team has years of experience in these sectors, but still find themselves constantly looking for original ideas. How can we make our lives work better, look better and function in a modern world. Technology and celebration, human connection and design inspire us to have fun not only with what we do, but with what we have.

We search for innovation that is well designed, beautiful and super functional. Foxydry answered all the questions of day to day functioning in the laundry with clever construction. Who has time to drag out the old clothes horse or drying rack let alone have space to store it? The function of keeping clothes indoors is not only secure, but ensures everything dries overnight. Clever, innovative and functional. Foxydry is sturdy in construction, takes advantage in the space of rising heat and is very cost effective.

Protea Events Hire is inspired by our surroundings and love for vintage, rustic and eclectic items. Our home in South-East Melbourne is surrounded by beautiful native forests, featuring many types of protea, bottlebrush and Leucadendron. We knew the striking features of our flora would make the perfect addition to our curated collection of items – which we’ve been collecting for many years. We provide personalised event styling and items to hire for events throughout Melbourne and country Victoria.

We also enjoy being custodians of old beauty, keeping it safe for the next generation to appreciate. Antique telephones have had a big influence on our team, with their families having worked in the industry 50+ years ago. We’ve spent more than a decade restoring them to their former glory. We love their intricate detail and funky charm. Here we show a collection of our works and any available items to purchase.